Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

As part of our goal of providing our patients with clear, comfortable and healthy vision, we feel that it is important to have your eyes thoroughly examined within 6 months of your contact lens fitting. A contact lens fitting can be scheduled at the same time as your eye examination, or as a separate appointment with one of our optometric physicians or our contact lens fitting specialist.

Will they hurt?

We have all experienced an eyelash, or dust that irritates our eyes. Soft contact lenses are designed to be worn comfortably for long periods, and as such, are very comfortable to wear.

RGP contact lenses are less comfortable initially, but become more comfortable with adaptation over approximately two-four weeks. An appealing RGP contact lens alternative that corrects your vision during sleep and is removed during the day is the CRT contact lens. The discomfort associated with daytime RGP contact lens wear is eliminated with CRT contacts.
Click here to read more about CRT contacts.

What is involved in being fit for contacts?

During your contact lens evaluation, one of our professional staff will discuss your lifestyle, occupational and visual needs. This will help to determine the contact lens option that best suits these needs. Measurements will be made to appropriately match the fit of the lens to your eye. A pair of trial lenses will enable you to test the contact lenses in your normal work and home environments. A staff member will train you on the proper insertion, removal and care of your new lenses. You will then be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to determine if the contact lenses are meeting your needs and our goals for clear, comfortable and safe wear.

What cost considerations should I be aware of for my contact lens fitting and follow up?

We offer an affordable one-time evaluation fee and also per visit evaluations, these fees vary by the complexity of the fit. This fee covers the fitting and all contact lens-related evaluations necessary within a set global period until our goals of successful contact lens wear is met. You will then be given a contact lens prescription valid for two years in the state of Washington.

Are contact lens prescriptions the same as a prescription for glasses?

A prescription for spectacle lenses or glasses describes the power of the lens needed to see clearly and comfortably, while a contact lens prescription contains additional specifications. Contact lens prescriptions often differ from spectacle lens prescriptions because the power is adjusted for the difference in the lens position in front of the eye. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for two years in the state of Washington.

Are all contact lenses essentially the same?

Contact lenses can be made of different materials and may also be treated with special coatings to make them more comfortable. Some of these lenses have special filters to provide ultraviolet protection. Some lenses are more breathable or wettable than others. There are specifications of the contact lenses that are necessarily to provide the most appropriate fit of the lens to your eye. Once the parameters of your contact lenses have been finalized, similar soft contact lenses may be ordered through any qualified contact lens distributor. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses may have unique characteristics depending on the lab that manufactured that particular lens design.

How do I order contact lenses?

You may easily order contact lenses online with your valid contact lens prescription.